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Why Work in Canada – Reasons Why Canada’s the Best Destination for Foreign Workers

Canada has pushed the US off the pedestal for being the most desirable country in the world to work in for international workers. 

There are many reasons why more and more workers prefer Canada over other places. Let us dive into a few here:

1. No dearth of opportunities

Canada is advancing with leaps and bounds in many new technological fields. It is a great place for people looking for jobs in fields like IT (Information Technology), software development, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, engineering, and more.

Its strong and stable economy is seeing growth in every sector possible. This means there is enough scope for skilled workers to apply and get jobs in sectors like oil and gas, travel and tourism, manufacturing, hospitality, life sciences, and more!

2. Cost of Living

While getting a coveted job in a foreign country is exciting, one has to be realistic and be aware of the associated cost of living there. If you were to compare Canada with others, you will find its cost of living to be quite affordable. From house rent to food and gas, and even cars, everything is cheaper which makes it a desirable place to work and save in.

3. Diversity

Canada is a true melting pot of communities, colors, and races. Over decades now, many people from around the world have immigrated to Canada and assimilated into the society there. The employment sector takes this diversity into account and you will find the work culture displaying acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences. The quality of life is excellent here and it also has a low rate of crime which makes it even more appealing to foreign workers with families.

4. Simple and easy work permit options

Canada understands that it requires skilled workers to boost its economy and thus it has simplified its immigration system to make the process an easy one for them.

For example, its Temporary Foreign Worker Program is aimed at international workers who require a work permit for Canada. This program has certain measures locked in that allow the hiring of foreign workers only for positions that lack qualified Canadian workers.

Then, under the International Mobility program, there are LMIA-exempted work permits that show how the benefits of getting foreign workers are more than the risk of job loss for Canadians.

5. Job Security

As mentioned earlier, Canada has made it quite easy for foreign workers to land jobs in its various provinces and territories. However, they have gone a step further and made it really simple to convert these temporary workers into Canadian permanent residents.

While this helps them to retain talent and expertise in their own boundaries, it also means immense job security for foreign workers – most of whom want to make Canada their permanent residence.

6. Work benefits

Compared to most developed nations, Canada’s minimum wage ranks among the highest. Not just that, there are many amazing employee benefits that appeal enormously to international workers. Some of these are:

  • Affordable healthcare plans – which means access to subsidized plans which also cover the dependents of the workers
  • The Canadian employment insurance plans include many benefits for pregnant women and new mothers.
  • There are Compassionate Care benefits in place that allow the worker to take care of a chronically ill family member.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are compensated for loss of job or lack of job opportunities.  
  • Many Canadian employers offer extended health benefits and saving plans, free childcare, work vehicle, transportation allowance, flexible worktimes, and even additional educational opportunities.

Not just these, if you have dependent children, they can study for free at elementary and secondary levels. You can access many child healthcare benefits and receive tax-free monthly contribution to raise kids that are under 18 years of age. In case your child is disabled, you can get special benefits. Your children can also access several training opportunities like apprenticeships, tuition compensation, professional training, etc.

Working in Canada can be a life-changer for you. In case you want to try your hand at a job there, you must go for professional immigration assistance to avoid facing any unwarranted hassles and headaches. Contact us today!

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