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Want to Study in Canada? Here’s How You Can Find the Best Province for Canada Immigration

The beauty of Canada is unparalleled. But that is not what draws international students to its shores. The reason it is such a major draw for foreign students is its vast selection of world-class colleges and universities.

However, the biggest issue most international students face when they are thinking about Canada as a study destination is its vastness. They get confused about which province would be best suited for their study and living needs and find it difficult to come to a conclusion.

A few factors that can help them to make the right call regarding this issue are:

  • The nominee program – You can check which program matches your profile the best to zero in on the province.
  • Weather preferences – As Canada is very vast, its weather varies dramatically from coast to coast. You can take a call on the province according to which weather suits you best.
  • Lifestyle and field of study – You can also decide on the province by matching your lifestyle and study field with it.

To help you out, here is some information on the popular Canadian provinces for international students.


This is the most popular among all Canadian provinces for foreign students. Not only does it offer several excellent universities, but it also is a safe and welcoming place. Most students prefer to settle in Toronto or Ottawa, which is also the capital city of Ontario. The quality of living here is high, while the cost of living is reasonably affordable.

British Columbia

A preferred tourist destination, British Columbia is also a draw for many foreign students. There are many top-class research universities here, and the city of Vancouver is a lovely place in terms of natural beauty and thriving cultural scene.


This province is popular among newcomer students who prefer the French language over English as that is its official language. While one can get by using English, learning to speak French is advisable, which one can do by availing of free courses offered by the government. It has a phenomenal education system, and its McGill University ranks among the top-rated names on the global list of esteemed institutions.

Most immigrants prefer to move to Montreal, which is its most populous city, along with being a major cultural hub. Many students also go to Quebec City, which is a true amalgamation of nature, culture, and modernity.


This province too is enormously popular among international students, most of whom prefer the cities of Edmonton and Calgary to pursue education in. The main reasons are the rocking education scene along with sunny weather, quality of life, low taxes, and an exciting cultural scene.

While the ones mentioned before are the favorite of international students, the following provinces are popular too. In case you are not keen on those, check these out.  


The economical province of Manitoba offers high-grade life on a low budget. That doesn’t mean its educational offerings are in any manner lesser than their counterparts in the more popular provinces. There are many exemplary institutions with a vast array of programs you can check out before you decide on the final destination.

New Brunswick

While the province of New Brunswick is rather small in size, its beauty and first-rate learning institutes make it a major draw for foreign students.

Newfoundland and Labrador

This province is remarkably beautiful, with gorgeous islands and an affordable manner of living. Not very populous, this province calls out to students that seek degrees in Geology, Medicine, Business, and Engineering.

Nova Scotia

This province is counted among the smallest in Canada but is quite populated, with around a million people living in it. Home to over 90 colleges and 10 universities, this province is a suitable option for students looking for a peaceful and beautiful location they can call home for their period of study in Canada.  

Apart from these, there are Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan too. The Great White North’s demand for immigration is quite high, and most international students end up becoming permanent residents of this beautiful country. Once you have decided on your favorite place to study, you can apply for a study permit and get the best education here.

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