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Universities in Quebec Turn Down the Proposal to Cap Study Permits

All universities in Quebec oppose the proposal by Canada’s federal housing minister, Mr. Sean Fraser, to limit new study permits.

The proposal to cap the new study permits is a knee-jerk reaction to Canada’s housing problem. Interestingly, the recommendation comes from the housing minister, who strived to increase the number of immigrants to meet Canada’s labor market and economic challenges as minister for immigration. Mr. Sean Fraser was Canada’s minister for immigration before he assumed the charge of housing minister.  

All professors, administrators, and students are unanimous in rejecting the proposal as the step to limit new study permits will not address the present housing crisis. The proposal will impact research programs and the availability of skilled immigrants in Quebec.

Daniel Jutras of Universite de Montreal feels that the housing problem continued for over two decades and has nothing to do with student immigration. Several ministers in Quebec asserted that education is the provincial prerogative and jurisdiction.

Over the past decade, there has been a doubling in the number of international students in Quebec. Quebec universities had 58,675 international students pursuing various education programs in December 2022. Students belong to a different housing segment and do not contribute to the ongoing housing problem in Canada.  

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