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Top Places in Canada to Shape Your Career as Software Engineer

Canada is facing a significant shortage of software engineers. It attracts techies with the promise of higher salary packages, a high standard of living, and a wealth of job opportunities. IT professionals can enjoy a paid vacation, insurance cover, and profit-sharing in addition to a lucrative signing bonus. If you are a software engineer, computer engineer, or computer programmer, then you can explore lucrative opportunities in Canada to boost your career.

Factors to consider 

You should not only focus on the cities offering the highest salaries while searching for a job. One should also consider the standard of living, access to leisure or adventure activities, and ease of transportation when hunting for top cities offering job opportunities in the IT sector.

Better climate conditions, lower crime rates, and education are some more crucial factors that should influence your choice. Assessing these attributes with the availability of jobs will help you select a suitable city to work as a software professional in Canada. Understanding the key benefits of the top cities for software engineers will help you while finalizing a particular place to find your dream job.

1. Toronto

Toronto has an impressive 54 % growth rate in the technology sector. Several job opportunities for software engineers exist in Toronto. The average salaries range between $ 74950 and $128000. Being the financial capital of Canada, Toronto attracts a maximum number of tech startups. It is home to some top multinational companies, including Google, Shopify, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft.

2. Vancouver

Breathtaking nature and excellent weather conditions are vital attributes of Vancouver. Several top organizations choose Vancouver for opening their branch offices. You can explore rewarding job opportunities in Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook if you consider Vancouver. The city employs thousands of software professionals. It is sure to become the best Canadian city for software engineers with a more than 42 percent growth rate.

3. Edmonton 

Ease of transportation and less population density are additional perks of working in Edmonton as a software engineer. Despite the sparse population, Edmonton is experiencing an impressive growth rate in the technology sector.

4. Ottawa 

Ottawa promises low population density and a safe environment if you plan to work and live here. The city ranks second in average tech salaries with a top position in terms of cost of living and low crime rates. Despite its sparse population, Ottawa is the top choice of workers among all North American cities because of the quality of living and availability of jobs. Most jobs in Ottawa are in the government sector because of federal and provincial government offices.

5. Montreal

Montreal should be your first preference if you have good French language proficiency. You will fall in love with the city’s nightlife and French culture. Montreal is an ideal place to live and work with over 130,000 tech workers who choose it over other Canadian cities. It offers a wealth of job opportunities in the gaming industry and is home to the tech giant Ubisoft. The city scores over Vancouver in a variety of ranking factors.

6. Kitchener

Kitchener promises the best of both worlds as it has a serene environment of small-town and excitement or culture of a big city. You will also enjoy proximity to the US as Detroit and Michigan are not far from the place. The city is experiencing a decent 40 percent growth rate in the tech industry.

7. Calgary

Calgary enjoys the top rank among all Canadian cities that offer above-average salaries for software professionals. It is the Oil Rich city of Canada, employing over 40,000 software engineers with an impressive track record in labor quality.

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