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Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Indians

Canada can be truly considered as the immigrants’ heaven! It is currently experiencing a scarcity of working population which in turn provides a huge opportunity for immigrants. It is expected to be welcoming a whopping 1.2 million immigrants by the end of 2023! What’s more! Healthcare here is funded by the government, and the cost of living is great too! If you are planning to jump onto this bandwagon, here are 6 of the top jobs offering the highest paychecks! 

1. A Financial Analyst 

A financial analyst is a professional who keeps track of the financial performance of a company. You will need a CFA qualification at max, and landing a plump role as a financial analyst will be a simple task for you. Having suitable experience in this field would be an added plus, guaranteeing better roles with larger pay packets! The average payout for financial analysts in Canada would be around CAD 78, 500 approximately, per year. The package may vary depending on your academic and professional credentials. 

2. A Structural Engineer

If you own a civil engineering degree, some of the best-paying jobs in Canada would be on offer to you. However, you will need to possess the desired skills and a solid work experience to land great packages. A minimum of 5 years of work experience will be needed. You will also need to register as a professional engineer for the province you are residing in. The average salary would be in the range of CAD 60,000 to about CAD 1,00,000 per annum. Bonuses will also be paid occasionally! 

3. A Business Development Professional

As is the case, the role and duties of a business development executive or a marketing professional are indeed critical for the success of any business. These are the professionals responsible for brand image building and management. They are also responsible for driving business growth. Provided you have a good portfolio as a marketing professional, you would be eligible to land the best marketing job opportunities in Canada. Even with minimal experience, the salary is likely to be close to CAD 32 per hour to about 35 per hour. More experience will, of course, fetch higher returns. 

4. Bookkeepers and Accounting Professionals 

If you have a degree in accounting and bookkeeping, Canada can offer you some of the most handsome job opportunities. As a professional working in this domain, you will be required to know how to prepare records of investments and revenues, generate monthly reconciliations, manage tax reports, and so on. Alongside these skill sets, some formidable experience in this field will also be warranted. The average payout for a skilled and experienced accounting professional would be close to CAD 20 per hour to about 25 per hour! 

5. A Chef Specializing in Indian Cuisine 

There is a humungous Indian population residing in this country! As a result, chefs specializing in Indian cuisine are in huge demand! All you need is an experience of about 2 years as a chef to be able to land a good opportunity at one of the Indian restaurants here. Some restaurants, however, may also ask for a University degree or diploma in culinary courses. The average payout would be in the range of CAD 15 per hour to about 20 per hour, plus extra payments for overtime! 

6. A Research Assistant or Professional in the Field of Agronomy

Noticeably, agriculture is one of the most prominent sectors in Canada, offering some of the most handsome jobs too! Quite naturally, therefore, agricultural research is also a growing sector here. Indians with experience in agricultural research can apply for research assistant roles in this country. For landing these jobs, you will require to maintain research experiments and should also be willing to perform work that is physically demanding in challenging locations and domains. The average salary package for agronomic research assistance is about CAD 60,000 per annum to 70,000 per annum. 

Other equally lucrative Canadian job opportunities include that of a registered nurse or even a data science consultant. School teachers are also known to draw handsome salaries in Canada! Owing to the large Indian population here, schools affiliated with Indian education boards have mushroomed in this part of the world. Naturally, trained Indian teachers are in high demand!

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