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Top 6 Destinations to Live and Work in Canada

Knowledge is an indispensable resource if you are planning to relocate. Knowing the best place to settle, is as crucial as knowledge about the country you are willing to migrate to. You will need to choose the appropriate place to live by considering career and job opportunities, climate, and access to healthcare, schooling, and leisure activities. Keep reading to know about the best places to live and work in Canada.

1. Vibrant Vancouver 

Vancouver is a flourishing city on the mainland of British Columbia, having easy access to Vancouver Island. If water sports and skiing are your favorite activities, then Vancouver Island is the place you should visit or settle. Vancouver is a stunning city with breathtaking locations. It deserves to be one of the most desirable places to live across the globe.

You will experience the diverse culture and metropolitan lifestyle that makes Vancouver a suitable destination to live and work. The city boasts of the lowest unemployment rate among most Canadian cities. It offers good access to education as Vancouver operates an efficient public education system backed by generous funding. The city is home to some of the top-ranking public elementary schools.

2. Towering Toronto

Toronto ranks as the largest and the most popular North American city because of its diverse culture. Its vast job market offers multiple career opportunities to young professionals. The city is a financial hotspot of Canada as it is home to several large organizations and MNCs. Toronto is a favorite choice of new entrepreneurs to start their ventures. Explore sprawling parks and entertaining musical theaters, ballet, and opera as additional perks.

You will find Toronto a safe city because of its significantly lower crime rates. Job seekers can choose from a broad assortment of job opportunities like transport drivers, nurses, and teachers. Toronto is also a perfect choice if you want to pursue education. You can choose from the three top universities that offer world-class education.

3. Enchanting Edmonton 

Sprawling parklands and charming nature are the main attractions of Edmonton apart from diverse arts and cultural activities. You can explore several career opportunities in the technology sector. International students can acquire top-quality education in Edmonton’s prestigious educational institutions, technical institutes, and colleges.

Thanks to its diverse culture, you can explore a variety of restaurants offering delectable cuisines from around the world. All this and an affordable cost of living make Edmonton your priority destination to relocate.

4. Cleanest Calgary

Ranking as the cleanest city in the world is just one of the attractions to choose Calgary as a suitable destination to relocate. It has the distinction of being the World’s Fifth Most Livable City for seven years in a row. Calgary is a perfect place to live and work. You can enjoy the world-famous Calgary Stampede that takes place in July.

Calgary provides easy access to Vancouver’s Glacier National Park, besides Toronto and Edmonton cities. One can easily travel across the city by using the efficient transport system. Living in Calgary is economical as you will pay only a meager five percent tax on goods and services.

5. Outstanding Ottawa

The best communities to settle in worldwide, favorite among expats, the remarkable quality of life, and exceptional cleanliness are only a few attributes of Ottawa. It is home to the Federal Government of Canada. The public sector employs one-fifth of Ottawa’s working population.

Ottawa offers diverse career opportunities as computer system consultants, IT professionals, retail marketing professionals, and media developers. The salaries in Ottawa are above average, and so is the cost of living.

6. Stunning St. John’s  

St. John’s city is on the eastern side of Canada. The city is suitable for family living as it offers a perfect environment to live and work. The perks include a broad range of facilities, biking trails, and breathtaking sites. Each year, the city hosts the International Children’s Festival.

St. John’s is a perfect choice if you want to complete your education as it is home to some of the top schools and other educational institutions in the world. You can also easily find a suitable job position in the healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors.

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