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Things to keep in mindwhile applying to Immigrate to Canada

A large number of people around the globe immigrate to Canada every year and Canada remains one of the best countries to start a new life for them. Though numerous people are able to immigrate to Canada successfully there are a few who are not able to make the final cut.

The basic reason behind the applicants getting rejected remains not submitting a flawless and complete immigration application. To submit proper immigration application candidates need to avoid themistakes given in this article.

Here are the ‘What to do’ and ‘What to avoid’ during the immigration application process:

To do: Search for the best immigration option

There are more than 100 immigration and visa programs available in Canada. Some immigration programs like Express Entry immigration system are highly sought after while others are not so popular. But it’s very important to explore all your options to make sure you choose the best program that will result in successful application.

There are different criteria for different programs like some programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis while some are points-based. Some programs remain open on an ongoing basis, while some have strict deadlines.

To find which Canadian immigration programs may be best for you, you need to complete our comprehensive eligibility assessment.

To avoid: Use an ungoverned immigration consultant or law firm

Several candidates take the help of immigration agencies or law firms to help them traverse through the complex immigration process but you need to be very careful while choosing these agencies because there are several fraudulent consultants or firms out there.

Citizenship or immigration consultants must be a member ofthe The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Only they may legally provide immigration services and guide you through the whole process. Find out if your representative is a fraud or legally approved here.

Find an Immigration Consultant (

To do: Correctly fill your immigration forms

You will feel that this is a cakewalk and what’s new about it but this is one of the most common mistakes people make while applying to immigrate. As the immigration forms are long and complicated, it is very essential to provide the information accurately and correctly as there is no room for error. You should provide as detailed information as you can. There are some other things to keep in mind as you have to provide your signature on every page, sometimes more than once and you need to write something at every point. Even if you are not sure or don’t know the answer, you have to write ‘not applicable’ or ‘NA’.

How to get the Canada immigration documents?

Just go to the Canadian government website and you will get the documents required for the specific immigration program. However, it’s important to emphasize that residents or citizens of some specific countries are required to complete additional immigration forms. For example, some residency questionnaires are prepared for candidates applying to immigrate from Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Another important thing to mention is you can’t use staples, binders, plastic sleeves, folders, or albums to submit your application. Small items such as photos and certified cheques with a paperclip can be attached.

Build your own profile with personal Visa Profile Builder

Through our website, you can approach your own personal Visa Profile Builder which is designed according to your immigration program requirements. Just enter the website and fill in the online forms as per your convenience and a certified immigration specialist will help you go through the whole process and will make sure your all the information is accurately registered and will analyse your immigration forms before assembling them and will submit them on your behalf.

To do: Carry your work experience with the documents

The target for projected admissions by Canada economic immigration class is set at 208,600 immigrants in 2022 and it’s the highest. This signifies that most of the candidates are selected on the basis of their skills and work experience. Therefore you need to provide enough proof to support your foreign work experience. This proof consists of a comprehensive reference letter with the following details:

  • Your official job title
  • The exact dates of your service
  • Your Salary
  • Comprehensive list of your employment duties

In case salary or other documents are missing from your reference letter, an immigration officer will assess if your work experience matches the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code you chose.

A common mistake that applicants make when applying to immigrate,is not understanding how to exactly select NOC Code.

Things to do: Interpret your documents to English or French

One of the most important things you need to do is to translate all your documents to English or French. There is valid reason for that. Many countries from where people immigrate to Canada don’t have English as their official, so it’s highly possible that most of their documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates and higher education certificates will be in a different language. Therefore all their documents should be translated to English or French.

Things to avoid: Let your documents expire

It’s very important for you to have the documents valid at the time of processing immigration application. As you know there are certain documents like police certificates, which have a specific expiry date. So you need to handle them in such a way that they remain valid at the time of processing immigration application. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Vinay Chaudhary( has some tips which can be very beneficial to you.

If you don’t make above mentioned mistakes,you can easily complete your immigration application process and you are well and truly on way to your destination i.e. Canada.

Want help with your Canadian visa application; fill the form here to start your comprehensive eligibility assessment and get help from visa professionals today.

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