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The Recent Backlog Update Reveals a Record Number of Visa Applications in Process by IRCC

Canadian immigration is on a record-breaking spree, as the August 24 update by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about the visa applications in backlog.

Canada is receiving a historic volume of visa applications, according to the latest backlog update by IRCC. The application inventory reached up to 2.3 million by July 31, 2023. The number of temporary resident visa applications is also touching a record high.

 These comprise study visas, visitor visas, and work permits. The inventory for temporary resident applications mounted to 1,346,200, an increase of 4.27 percent over the last backlog update.

There is a reduction in the citizenship backlog by 5.69 percent and PR backlog by 4.13 percent. On the whole, there is a shortfall of 2 percent in the inventory for these applications. These are backlog figures and total applications under process at the end of each month this year:

  • January – 974,600 / 1,944,500
  • February- 910,400/ 1,962,600
  • March- 896,300/ 2,017,700
  • April- 809,000/ 2,006,000
  • May- 820,600/ 2,248,000
  • June- 801,000/ 2,264,000
  • July- 802,600/ 2,274,600

There is a steady decline in the visa applications backlog while the number of applications under processing is swelling. The month-on-month reduction in the applications backlog may not help Canada eliminate the total backlog, as there is a record growth in the number of new visa applications.

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