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The Most Student-Friendly Cities in Canada

Almost every city in Canada which has the world’s top-ranking universities offers safety, ease of transportation, a friendly environment, employment opportunities, and a mix of diverse cultures. These are vital factors to look for while choosing your destination as an international Student. Following are the top 6 student cities in Canada that promise world-class education, safety, and job opportunities to begin your professional life on the right note.

1. Montreal

Besides being Canada’s cultural capital, Montreal is also home to the University of Montreal, Concordia University, and McGill University ranks 24th as per recent world ranking. Over 350,000 students choose Montreal every year to realize their dream of acquiring world-class education in prestigious universities. French is a predominant language in Montreal, followed by English.

Being the world’s 17th safest city, Montreal is a suitable place to pursue education with no hassles. Students get easy access to affordable transportation through the metro and buses. They can consider taking up jobs after their education, as Montreal offers excellent employment opportunities. 

2. Vancouver

If you think that Vancouver is the place for exciting nightlife, music, snow sports, and mountains, you need to think again. It has the distinction of being the world’s 17th most student-friendly city. Students get a chance to find lucrative job opportunities after finishing their education in Vancouver.

Vancouver offers quality education in several top-rated universities such as Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Students can benefit from diverse modes of transportation like Rapid Transit, SeaBus, West Coast Express, and buses. Students perceive Vancouver to be a cultural city with a decent standard of living.

3. Toronto

Toronto deserves to be among the top 6 student cities in Canada since a one-fifth percentage of all international students prefer Toronto’s universities. Students can enjoy Toronto’s cultural splendor, art, and gastronomic events while pursuing a world-class education in universities like the University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson University.

The largest Canadian city of Toronto has the maximum cultural multiplicity with over140 spoken languages as students from all across the globe prefer to learn here. Toronto accepts the highest number of international students in Canada. Most students in Toronto are from China, Ireland, the UK, and India.

4. Ottawa 

Canada’s capital city Ottawa is also its cosmopolitan capital. More than half of Ottawa’s immigrant population belongs to the Middle East and Asia. Ottawa offers a diverse and friendly environment to students who travel here to earn a world-class education.

Ottawa has award-winning transport facilities to help students and professionals commute with ease. International students can explore rewarding job opportunities in IT Park and public services of the federal government. Ottawa offers excellent career options to students who wish to make a career in information technology or computer sciences.

5. Edmonton

Edmonton is a beautiful city with a beautiful mix of modernization and cultural heritage. It is the capital of Alberta and home to the University of Alberta that ranks fifth in Canada and with a global ranking of 126. Edmonton has an easy-going environment and the tranquility of a small town.

6. Quebec

Quebec is sure to enthrall you with its European charm, winter sports, and lively metropolitan environment. Most people in Quebec speak French. The province of Quebec has more than 85 percent of people speaking in French. Students can pursue education in English as several universities like Bishop’s university implement English as the medium of teaching.

Quebec is one of the top six student cities in Canada because of its affordable education and cost of living. There are no incidences of violence, and the crime rate is also low. Top-ranking educational institutions and a supportive environment make Quebec a suitable learning destination for international students.

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