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Recent Trends Confirm Immigrants and their Children Outperform Canadians in Employment

A recent report by Marc Desormeaux, principal economist at Desjardins, highlights that immigrants and their children have better employment and earning prospects than Canadians.

Immigrants get more jobs than Canada-born workers

The report observes that though immigrants accounted for around a quarter of Canada’s working-age population, they contributed over 70 percent of Canada’s employment gains during the pre-pandemic period.

Immigrants outperformed Canada-born employees by securing more new jobs across all provinces. Several provincial and federal immigration pathways and other schemes help immigrants explore job opportunities and settle permanently. These programs are boosting the labor market integration of immigrants.

The trend is gaining traction after the pandemic as more new immigrants are landing jobs across provinces. The net new employment of immigrants during 2020-2022 was higher than their Canadian counterparts.

Immigrants’ children surpass the earnings of Canadian workers

A Statistics Canada report observes that immigrants’ children have better potential to earn after they reach their 30s. Immigrants have more earning power after reaching working age if they arrive in Canada as children.

Immigrants continue to prosper by getting better education and work experience and encouraging their children to pursue higher education. These are a few reasons for their better employability and earning potential than the Canada-born population.

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