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Quebec Explores Ways to Speed up Permanent Residence of French-speaking Immigrants

In its efforts to expedite Francophone PR, Quebec is contemplating avenues to alter immigration programs in the upcoming plan.

The province of Quebec holds a unique position among all Canadian provinces and territories, as it operates exclusive programs to establish its autonomy in the immigration sector. Quebec plans to speed up the permanent residence of French-speaking immigrants living in Quebec as students or temporary workers.

Quebec – A unique province of Canada

Quebec has a special status following the Canada-Quebec accord that entitles the province to create distinct immigration programs. The Canada-Quebec accord grants Quebec the autonomy to select skilled workers according to its procedures and specific immigration criteria.

Quebec wants to maintain its unique French flavor by developing appropriate immigration paths to attract French-speaking immigrants. The desire to enhance immigration control results from Canada’s approach of making French a second language for candidates seeking Quebec immigration.

Quebec resists the approach by asserting its aspiration to achieve greater freedom to create its immigration programs with French language proficiency as the mandatory eligibility criterion. The immigration minister of Quebec emphasized Quebec’s intentions to boost Francophone immigration in the upcoming immigration plan in early November. The minister stressed the need to uphold Quebec’s French-speaking culture.

Quebec immigration and French language ability

Quebec is exploring all avenues to achieve a higher percentage of Francophone immigrants, though the federal government of Canada is not willing to grant greater control on immigration. The only way Quebec can meet the aim to increase the number of Francophone immigrants is by modifying the eligibility criteria for PR immigrants.The most visible sign of Quebec’s desire to increase Francophone PR is the introduction of Bill 96 on June 1, 2022. The bill mandates immigrants to learn French within six months after arriving, as most of the province’s official services are in French.   

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