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Provincial and Atlantic Immigration Set to Outpace Express Entry Admissions through 2025

According to the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25, Provincial and Atlantic immigration will surpass Federal High Skilled (Express Entry) admissions.

Canada’s focus on provincial immigration is evident from the immigration levels plan for 2023, 2024, and 2025. Canada plans to welcome 367,500 new immigrants through provincial and Atlantic immigration by 2025, while the target for Federal High Skilled (Express Entry) admissions is 305,900 new immigrants, for the period.

Immigration – a shared responsibility between Federal and provincial governments 

There was a consensus on sharing responsibilities to attract and retain new immigrants in a recent meeting of Canada’s Federal, provincial, and Territorial ministers. The principal aim of Canada’s immigration policy is to distribute new immigrants throughout the provinces uniformly.

The following are yearly targets for PNP admissions as per Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25:

  • 2023 – 105,500
  • 2024 – 110,000
  • 2025 – 117,500

Provincial Nominee Programs are significant contributors to the spread of immigration. These programs need strong collaboration and partnerships between provinces and the federal government. Provinces recommend new immigrants to the federal government to approve their permanent residence. The selection of immigrants by provincial governments focuses on the local job market and economic needs.

Provincial nomination confirms that the candidate can smoothly integrate into the job market, boosting the province’s economy and demography. It supports the candidate’s Express Entry profile by adding 600 points to the CRS score. 

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