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Post-Graduation Work Permit Benefits International Students to Become Canadian Permanent Residents

Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit is the most suitable avenue to qualify for permanent residency for international students graduating from Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs).

A recent Statistics Canada report confirms that over 75 percent of PGWP holders got permanent residency within five years.  

Massive growth in the number of PGWP holders

Canada’s education system, multicultural environment, and world-class institutions attract international students to pursue diverse study programs. Most students prefer to settle in Canada after graduation for a better career and life. Over 59 percent of students wish to build their life in Canada after completing their studies.

Post-Graduation Work Permit allows international students to work and stay in Canada for up to three years. The PGWP requires no job offer while applying, as the eligible student can work employer of their choice. The Post-Graduation Work Permit’s duration depends on the length of the study program. There was over a 500 percent rise n number of PGWP holders between 2008 and 2018.   

Better earning opportunities 

Higher earning potential is a common aim for most international students to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permits after graduation. There was nearly a two-fold increase in median earnings of Post-Graduation Work Permit holders between 2008 and 2018. Recent figures confirm that a graduate student can earn up to $ 49,999 annually.

Improves prospects of permanent residence

Post-Graduate Work Permits are open work permits, allowing students to work for any Canadian employer to get valuable work experience. Most pathways to Canadian permanent residency emphasize work experience. Students are more likely to become permanent residents with work experience.

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