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Permanent Residents can Now Join Canada’s Armed Forces (CAF)

There are major changes underway to allow permanent residents to join the military in Canada

Canada’s Armed Forces shared a noteworthy post on Instagram a day before Canada’s Remembrance Day on Nov 11, 2022. The post highlighted that permanent residents in Canada could join the military shortly.

Canada observes Nov 11 as a Remembrance Day each year to pay respect to the sacrifices and contributions of its military in the first World War in 1918. Canadians maintain two minutes’ silence by standing at 11 am on this day to pay respect to the World War martyrs.

Major policy shift

According to Anita Anand, Canada’s Defense Minister, there is an urgent need to increase Canada’s military strength considering the ongoing war in Ukraine. There is an urgent requirement to recruit 12,000 personnel in the military to achieve the full strength of the regular force. However, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) was not ready to relax the citizenship rule to join the military.

The new policy announcement by the Department of Defense to recruit permanent residents in the military is in the pipeline. Canada does not permit permanent residents to join the armed forces as a policy, as there are problems with security clearance. The shift in the policy will help Canadian Armed Forces address the shortage of recruits.

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