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Manitoba’s March 9 MPNP Draw issues 597 LAAs through Three Streams

Manitoba conducted a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw on March 9, 2023, inviting 597 candidates by issuing Letters of Advice to Apply.

Highlights of the latest MPNP draw

MPNP draw invited 224 candidates with a minimum CRS score of 612 through its Skilled Worker Manitoba (SWM) stream. The candidates belonged to category 65 under the 2021 National Occupational Classification, which refers to sales and service support jobs.

The March 9 MPNP draw selected another 277 candidates having minimum CRS scores of 675, issuing Letters of Advice to Apply under All Occupations.

The draw selected 53 candidates from the International Education Stream (IES) and 43 from the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) stream under Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiative with a CRS threshold of 666.

There were 45 candidates with Job Seeker Validation Codes and active Express Entry profiles among 597 receiving Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs).

Manitoba Provincial Immigration

Manitoba aims to meet specific requirements of the employers through the Skilled Worker Manitoba (SWM) stream selecting foreign workers with the skills for permanent residence. The stream has two pathways:

  • Manitoba Work Experience – The pathway helps candidates working in Manitoba under Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). International graduates from other provinces may also apply for MPNP through this pathway. 
  • Skilled Worker Overseas – International workers with a skilled-work experience through direct pathways of the Express Entry provincial nominee program. Candidates with skills and work experience for in-demand occupations can benefit from the Skilled Worker Overseas stream.  
  • Employer Direct Recruitment – Overseas workers with a valid job offer from a Manitoba employer can benefit from the Employer Direct Recruitment pathway. 

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program facilitates international graduates from colleges and universities in Manitoba to get a nomination for permanent residence without having to demonstrate Manitoba work experience for a minimum of six months. The International Education Stream provides Career Development, Graduate internships, and Student Entrepreneur pathways.

International candidates with active Express Entry profiles, strong Manitoba connections, skills, training, and work experience in Manitoba’s in-demand occupations can explore the Express Entry pathway.

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