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Manitoba Invests Additional $4 million in Settlement Services for Newcomers

Manitoba pledged another $4 million to boost its settlement services, supporting newcomers.

Immigrants boost the economic progress of Canadian provinces because of their job skills and work experience. They also contribute to the province’s demography. Settlement services help newcomers with diverse nationalities and backgrounds to integrate smoothly with the communities.

Successful integration of newcomers with local communities boosts retention rates of immigrants. Manitoba’s retention rate over the last five years stands at 67.7 percent, far lower than most provinces. Ontario tops provincial retention rates with 92 percent, while Prince Edward Island has a meager retention rate of 28 percent.

The recent decision by the Manitoba government to boost settlement services by an additional $4 million investment will help fund projects that support newcomers for their social and economic integration in communities. The 2023 investment for settlement services is twice as compared as last year. It will help non-profit and service organizations supporting immigrants to use their skills to develop Manitoba’s economy and demography.

These organizations qualify to leverage funds for settlement services for newcomers:

  • Organizations providing services for newcomers
  • Program and service providers offering direct support to newcomers
  • Community groups and established non-profit organizations

With the recent announcement of investing $4 million, the total funds for the settlement of newcomers in Manitoba stand at $7.1 million. The Newcomer Community Integration Support Program (NCIS) comprises Recognition Counts, Manitoba Start, and additional funding.

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