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List of Jobs that Do Not Require a Canadian Work Permit

Canada – the Great White North – is like a siren’s song for people looking for a change in their lives via a new job, new surroundings, and new lifestyle. Millions of people from all over the world flock to Canada every year for jobs and most of them stay here to start a new life.

While most jobs in the True North aka Canada require a work permit, there are a few that do not.

Let us learn a bit of these here.

1. Military Personnel 

Military personnel with orders to come to Canada do not need a work permit if they serve a country designated under the ‘Visiting Forces Act’. Do remember that is only applies to military personnel though and not military attachés working with diplomatic missions.

2. Athletes and Team Members

If you are a foreign-born professional or an amateur athlete, you do not need a work permit to participate individually or as a team in Canadian sporting events. Others like coaches, trainers and certain team members also do not require a work permit. While your spouse will need a permit to work here, they shall be exempt from the LMIA requirement. 

3. Public Speakers

If you are a guest speaker engaged for a specific event, a commercial speaker, or a seminar leader, you do not require a work permit. However, your speaking engagement should not be for over five days in Canada.

Work permit is required if you are a commercial speaker hired by a Canadian business to provide training or a guest athletic instructor who is engaged to teach weekend seminars.

4. Convention Organizers

If you are an individual, a committee or support staff member organizing a conference or convention for corporate meetings, trade shows/exhibitions, consumer shows, or association meetings, you do not need a work permit.

There are several exemptions to this though, such as workers that provide services like decorating, exhibit-building, audio-visual, etc. 

5. Clergy

If you are a person of faith, you do not require a work permit if you provide spiritual guidance, preach doctrine or preside at religious events.

In some cases, you may need to show evidence of the genuineness of the job.

6. Judges, Referees and Similar Officials

If you belong to any of these three, you do not need a work permit in certain cases. These are animal or agricultural contests, international cultural or artistic contests or international amateur sports contests hosted by a Canadian organization and organized by an international amateur sporting association. 

7. Examiners and Evaluators 

In this case, you do not require a work permit if you have to review your students’ papers and theses. Also included in this category are researchers and professors who are visiting Canada to evaluate academic research proposals or university programs.

8. Expert Witnesses or Investigators

If you are either of the two, you do not require a work permit if you are visiting Canada to be an expert witness for a court of law, tribunal or regulatory body or to conduct analyses or surveys to present before any of these three.

9. Civil Aviation Inspectors

If you are a Flight Operations or Cabin Safety Inspector who’s in Canada to inspect safety procedures on commercial international flights, you do not require a work permit. You just have to furnish valid documentation to prove that you are employed with a recognized aeronautics safety authority.

10. Aviation Accident or Incident Inspectors

In the same industry, if you are an accredited representative/advisor whose expertise is needed to investigate aviation accidents/incidents, you do not require a work permit. You do need valid documentation that shows authorization under the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.

11. Emergency Service Providers

In case of emergencies like natural disasters, medical, industrial or environmental accidents, people who visit Canada to render help and services do not require a work permit. A few examples of these are doctors, medical personnel, appraisers, etc.

12. Implied Status

If you are a worker whose work permit will expire but have already applied for a new one within the stipulated time, you can continue working. But if your permit is rejected, you will have to leave Canada.

13. Farm Work

You can work on a farm without a work permit in certain cases, such as for volunteer work, non-commercial work, etc.

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