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Knowing the Latest Developments on Targeted Express Entry Draws in 2023

The latest release from the Immigration, Refugees, and Canada (IRCC) confirms that the targeted Express Entry Draws are in the pipeline. 

IRCC will hold the first draw in the first quarter of 2023. Targeted Express Entry Draw will fulfill Canada’s labor market needs by selecting the most suitable candidates.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) added that they are contemplating consulting a broad spectrum of stakeholders to update new Express Entry categories in compliance with the legislation. IRCC proposes to go ahead with the technical implementation in the first quarter of 2023.

The information on the type of candidates the IRCC will target in the new Express Entry system is unavailable. The new Bill C-19 authorizes the minister for immigration to customize the immigration programs.

Bill C-19 is part of the Liberal’s budget, proposing vital amendments to the Express Entry system. The new proposals for the Express Entry system allow the Minister for Immigration flexibility to target specific individuals immigrating to a certain region and meeting particular criteria.

The Minister for Immigration will be free to take a call on choosing a particular foreign national meeting specific criteria supporting the economic needs of the region.

Modifications in the Express Entry System

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Hon. Sean Fraser clarified the IRCC is not in a position to customize the Invitations to Apply to fulfill regional economic needs unless there are changes in the Express Entry system. 

He added that there is no point in bringing in more immigrants who may not match the requirements of a particular sector. 

The approach will not be helpful for the Canadian economy. For example, Canada invited all 27,000 candidates under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) on February 13, 2021.

The decision to target Express Entry candidates was to facilitate eligible candidates most likely living in Canada. The candidates held the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) nominations and did not have any travel restrictions as they were staying in Canada

Legislations enable IRCC to revise the Express Entry system, as IRCC could change the strategy to invite Express Entry candidates according to their eligible programs during the pandemic travel restrictions.

Besides supporting the regional economy, the new changes in the Express Entry program will help newcomers succeed in the respective communities they plan to settle. 

The changes will significantly bolster the retention rates, according to the Minister for Immigration, who appreciated the need for a simplified selection process. 

Participation in public consultation involving the stakeholders will help the IRCC improve the effectiveness of the draws in supporting regional economic goals.

Tips to prepare for the new targeted Express Entry Draws

There is no clear information about the type of candidates the new targeted Express Entry draws will be considering. The suggestions below may help candidates to improve their readiness to deal with the changes.

  • Be attentive to the Express Entry news coverage.
  • Keeping yourself current with the latest Express Entry news will help you prepare for the changes proactively.
  • Improve your CRS score by optimizing your Express Entry Profile.
  • Canada allows several immigration pathways besides Express Entry. You may consider suitable options other than Express Entry, like PNP or a Working Holiday Visa.

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