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Knowing Critical Aspects of Canada’s Tourist Visa

Great outdoors, breathtaking nature, friendly cities, and a mix of diverse cultures are some attractions to explore in Canada as a tourist. The most sought-after destinations include Niagara Falls, Calgary stampede, Children’s Festivals, and an array of winter sports. The Tourist visa enables individuals to visit Canada and travel to their favorite Canadian destinations.

Overview of tourist visa to visit Canada

The Tourist Visa or a visitor visa allows you to enter Canada legally as a tourist and stay up to six months or more. The official term for the Tourist visa is a Temporary Resident Visa. The immigration officer will mark the date you will need to leave Canada. You require a visa to visit Canada to meet your friends or family. You may also apply for a multiple entry visa to visit Canada more often. Multiple Entry visa is valid for ten years.

A Tourist Visa makes you eligible to visit Canada. It also confirms that you meet all requirements to enter and live in the country temporarily. There are several criteria to become eligible to apply for a Tourist Visa. You can submit your application at the local Visa Application Center, along with supporting documents. It may take up to four weeks to receive the visa after the submission date. The application and documentation must be complete to avoid refusal or delay in approval.

Eligibility criteria to apply for a Tourist Visa

Applicants of Tourist Visa must not intend to work in Canada because working without an official permit is illegal. The same rule applies to studying in Canada. Ensure that you are meeting the following requirements before applying for the Canadian Tourist Visa:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in a good health
  • Should have no criminal history
  • Have no intention to stay in Canada after the expiry of the visa
  • Be ready to provide proof of funds to support your living and return journey expenses
  • Letter of invitation, if planning to stay with friends or relatives in Canada
  • Demonstrate ties to home country showing property documents, permanent employment, or business details 

Key documents to submit with visa application

Submission of appropriate documents is vital while applying for a visitor visa. Gather the following documents before you start filling out the application form:

  • Two recent photographs (not older than 90 days) with white background with no borders 
  • Citizenship proof
  • Copy of travel itinerary
  • Affidavit by relatives in Canada to establish that you are traveling to Canada on their invitation provided you have plans to stay with them. 
  • Copy of return journey ticket 
  • Proof of finances like bank statements
  • A passport that has a completely blank page 
  • Validity of the passport must be more than six months
  • Any other documents that may be necessary as per the unique profile

The stepwise application process

You need to understand the application process to know various steps.

Select the method to apply (through an online medium or paper application at the local Visa Office). Ensure that you have digital copies of all documents if you select the online mode of application. Keep your credit card handy for payment of the process fees. The following are the steps to follow if submitting a paper application.

  • Complete the application by entering correct information by avoiding errors and omissions
  • Carefully attach all relevant documents without missing any
  • Submit biometrics like photos and fingerprints
  • Submission of paper application to the local Visa Application Center
  • Payment of fees
  • Obtain an official receipt to confirm submission of application with processing fees

Use the tracking number for future reference. It helps you track the progress of the approval process.

The standard processing time to get approval for a visitor visa is two weeks. Consult a professional immigration expert to facilitate the application and collection of appropriate documents. The professional advice of immigration experts will minimize the chances of refusal and ensure hassle-free travel to Canada.

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