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Job Vacancies Persist in Several Sectors and Provinces of Canada despite Employment Growth

Canada experienced consistently strong hiring trends causing significant growth in payroll employment.

The final month of 2022 resulted in a drop in vacancies to 848,000. A total of 91,400 new immigrant workers filled job positions in December 2022. Despite the strong hiring trends, many industries and sectors reported vacant positions because of persistent labor shortages.

Many employers in the following sectors are actively searching for workers to fill positions and start work within the next thirty days. These sectors contribute to more than 55 percent of job vacancies in Canada.

149,800 vacant positions in Healthcare and social assistance

The healthcare sector accounts for the maximum number of vacancies, though there was a positive gain in payroll employment, adding 19,400 new workers who received job offers in November 2022. The employment growth cannot address the labor shortages in the healthcare and social assistance sector.

77,400 vacant positions in the construction sector

Canada’s construction industry continues battling with labor shortages despite employment increases. The number of vacant positions is consistently growing despite notable growth in payroll employment in the construction sector.

Shortages of workers boost immigration in four provinces

Vacancies grow in accommodation, retail trade, manufacturing, and professional and technical services. It shows a strong demand for workers and a shortage of workers in Canada. These sectors are driving immigration to offset the scarcity of workers. Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta are the main provinces boosting employment growth.  

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