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IRCC Declares a 20% Capacity Increase for International Experience Canada Program

Recently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada proposed a 20 percent capacity increase, among other prominent changes to the International Experience Canada.

During a recent press conference, the government of Canada announced the opening date of International Experience Canada as January 3, 2023. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will expand the IEC program capacity BY 20 percent to accommodate more applicants.

The application scope will increase by an additional 15,000 candidates to make 90,000 applicants for the International Experience Canada program following the change.

Canada’s government aims to support Canadian employers fill vacant positions with eligible candidates and enable youth to experience new cultures and explore communities and languages with the changes to the program.

Brief highlights of the International Experience Program

The International Experience Program benefits candidates between 18 and 35 to work and explore Canada for up to two years. Candidates from 36 partnering countries are eligible to apply under the IEC program.

The IEC program facilitates three streams. These are Working Holiday, International Co-op, and Young Professionals.

  • Working Holiday – Applicants get an Open Work Permit to work anywhere in Canada. They can use their earnings to support their travel within Canada.
  • International Co-op – The stream of International Co-op grants a targeted Work Permit, which mandates the candidate to work with a specific employer. The internship stream is helpful for students to gain specific work experience relevant to their study program.
  • Young professionals – The Young Professionals stream of the CEC program boosts career progression by enabling them to gain targeted and professional work experience in Canada. It mandates employer-specific work experience.  

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