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IRCC Begins Weekly Updates on Application Processing Times for Majority Applications

Digitization of applications is helping the IRCC share weekly updates on Application Processing Times.

It is now possible to keep track of processing times as Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is improving the data accuracy by upgrading the processing tool. It allows the IRCC to announce Application Processing Times instead of sharing only the service standards as in the past.

IRCC used the service standards to help applicants and other stakeholders know the organization’s targets regarding application processing times for various immigration pathways. IRCC did not revise the service standards routinely.

These are the current application processing times:

  • New Permanent Residency card- 34 days
  • PR card renewal- 65 days
  • Citizenship grant- 15 months
  • Proof of citizenship- 8 months
  • A search of citizenship records- 13 months
  • Renunciation of citizenship- 14 months

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) adopted online processing of citizenship and permanent residency applications. The step enabled IRCC to provide weekly updates on the Application Processing times for most applications, as the majority belong to PR and citizenship.

The move to digitize the application for online processing enables IRCC to enhance the accuracy of data, providing exact insights into fluctuations in processing volumes and IRCC’s application handling potential.

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