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IRCC Announces New Reforms for International Students Pursuing Masters Courses

The new year brings cheer to international students as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduces new reforms to boost their PR prospects.

International students pursuing master’s or doctorate-level programs are exempt from the annual cap on international students arriving in Canada. IRCC is introducing more reforms to help international students in master’s or doctorate-level programs speed up their permanent residency.

The one-year master’s courses are more affordable than two-year programs, besides promising several benefits as per the new reforms. These students will qualify for a three-year Post Graduation Work Permit irrespective of the program duration. The new reform will come into force from February 15, 2024.

Common-law partners or spouses of international students pursuing professional, master’s, or doctorate-level programs qualify to get Spousal Open Work Permits. A special Mater’s Graduate Steam is open for international students in Ontario.

Students in one-year master’s programs will start working a year earlier than other students pursuing two-year study programs. The new IRCC reforms will improve their chances of becoming Canadian permanent residents with a three-year PGWP. 

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