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India Secures the Top Spot as 374,554 PRs Transitioned to Canadian Citizenship in 2022

In 2022, India became the top source country, as 59,503 Indians became Canadian citizens transitioning from permanent residence.

Canada encourages immigration to improve its demography and economy. Immigrants with diverse backgrounds make Canada a multicultural, peace-loving, friendly, and vibrant place to settle. In the next three years, Canada will welcome over 1.45 million new immigrants.

Canadian citizenship is among the most sought-after citizenships across the globe, as 374,554 Canadian permanent residents transitioned into citizenship last year. India is among the top source countries for Canadian immigration, as the highest number of Indians become permanent residents for subsequent transition into Canadian citizenship.

Main benefits of Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is the ultimate aim of most permanent residents, as over 80 percent of PR holders become citizens of Canada each year. These are some highlights of Canadian citizenship:

  • Sense of stability – The 2017 reforms strengthened the status of citizenship. It is hard to lose the status of Canadian citizenship after these reforms by the Trudeau government. Canadian citizens need not do anything to retain their citizenship.
  • Descendents become citizens – Descendants of a Canadian citizen become citizens of Canada automatically.
  • Access to employment – Most jobs in security and government sectors become available to Canadian citizens.
  • Right to vote – Canadian citizens enjoy the right to vote and contest elections.
  • Freedom to travel across the globe – Canadian passport ranks 9th among passports of all countries, as per the Henley and Partners Passport Index 2021. Canadian citizens can travel across the world’s most desirable destinations, such as the US, UK, and European nations, without a visa.

Canadian citizenship enables an individual to enjoy a sense of belonging by becoming part of the “Canadian family.” Permanent residents who become citizens can exercise the right to dual citizenship, retaining other citizenship.

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