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India Continues to be Canada’s Top Source Country for International Students and New Immigrants

The first half of 2023 reestablished India as the number one source country for international students and new immigrants.

India’s share of international students

A total of 434,899 international students made Canada their preferred study destination in the first two quarters of 2023. India contributed 40 percent to the total number of international students arriving in Canada during the first half of 2023. These are the top five source countries for international students between January and June 2023:

  • India- 175,021 study permits
  • Nigeria- 43,482
  • The Philippines- 21,902
  • China (PRC)- 14,976
  • Nepal- 12,776

The top source of new immigrants

Canada welcomed 263,180 new immigrants in the first half of 2023. India maintained its top position as Canada landed over 84,000 new immigrants from January to June 2023. These are the top five source countries for new permanent resident card holders in 2023’s first half.

  • India- 84,425
  • China (PRC)- 18,760
  • The Philippines- 14,450
  • Nigeria- 10,180
  • Afghanistan- 7, 670

India is also the top source country for new citizens as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processed over 35,000 new Citizenship applications for Indians between January and June 2023.  

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