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Immigration- The main Growth Driver of Canada’s Population, Confirms StatsCan

A recent population estimate by Statistics Canada (StatsCan) observes the population growth during the second quarter of 2022 was mainly because of immigration.

Over 94 percent of growth in Canada’s population during the period, between April and June 2022 comes from immigration. Statistics Canada’s latest findings and estimates highlighted that immigration is the major contributor to population growth across Canada’s provinces and territories.

As per the estimates on July 1, the estimated population of Canada stands at 38.93 million. There is a growth of 0.7 percent over the period between Jan and Mar 2022.

There is an estimated 94percent growth ( roughly 269,305 people) because of people migrating to Canada. There is an unprecedented increase in the number of immigrants adding to Canada’s population since the third quarter of 2019.   

Maximum people who came to Canada during the second quarter of 2022 belonged to the non-permanent resident categories. About 157,310 people were study-permit holders, victims of the Russia Ukraine war, and asylum seekers.

The second quarter growth in the number of people arriving in Canada (284,982) corresponds to approximately 3,100 people daily. The increase is comparable only to the rise in Canada’s population after the addition of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949 to the Confederation. The growth in Canada’s population is akin to the third quarter of 1957, when the baby boom was at its peak.

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