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Growing Support of Canadians for Immigration Places Canada as the Top Destination for Immigrants

Consistently growing support for immigration is the main differentiating factor that places Canada as the most preferred destination among immigrants.

Century Initiative, the network of prominent Canadians, mentions that Canada enjoys an edge over other nations because more Canadians favor immigration. The charity group supports the idea of increasing Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100 through societal and economic benefits. Century Initiative perceives immigration as the main contributing factor to reach the 100 million population milestone by 2100.

Immigration – Canada’s unique advantage

Canadians are always supportive of immigration. The support did not diminish despite the 2008 global recession or the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Immigration made Canada a multi-cultural and vibrant nation. The support for immigration by Canadians is clear from the fact that over 64 percent of people in Canada prefer multi-cultural identity as against 37 percent in the late 1990s.  

Most Canadians believe that immigration is Canada’s strength and express full support for the nation’s immigration-friendly policies. Most Canadians recognize immigration as an essential attribute to boost Canada’s economy and demography. Support for refugees is another distinct feature that adds to Canada’s inclusive character, as over 76 percent of Canadians support the policy of bringing migrants from regions witnessing conflicts.

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