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Canadians Favor Immigration as it Supports its Economy and Population

The recent survey data confirms that most Canadians feel immigration levels should increase further.

The joint survey by the Environics Institute of Canada and the Century Initiative focused on Canadians’ Opinions on Immigration. The research agency, Environics Institute, surveys public opinion to gather data on the economy and government issues. Century Initiative is a charity organization by academics and business leaders which believes that by the year 2100 Canadian population should reach 100,000,000.

The survey mainly observes that a record number of Canadians support immigration. Over 70 percent of respondents do not feel Canada’s immigration levels are exceedingly high. There are strong indications that the present 23 percent share of immigrants will reach 34 percent by 2041. The findings established the maximum support for immigrants by Canadians in the 45 years history of the survey.

The general opinion about the contribution of immigrants to Canada’s economy is positive, as most respondents feel immigration is crucial for Canada’s economic growth. Over two-thirds of Canada’s new immigrants pay income tax and are of working age. They support the government’s healthcare and education programs. Immigrants are positively influencing the culture and identity of Canada.

Interestingly, most Canadians supported Canada’s resolve to bring and protect refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

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