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Canadian Passport Secures Global Ranking of Six Surpassing its US Counterpart

Canada’s passport ranked sixth in the 2023 Henley Passport Index, pushing the US passport down to the seventh position.

The Henley Passport Index is a reputed indicator of global mobility. Top-ranking passports provide seamless access to most countries with visa-free access.

Canadian passport jumped from the 8th position in 2022, achieving a global ranking of six this year. Travelers with a Canadian passport can travel visa-free across 186 countries, as it allows greater international mobility.

Canada’s international standing is growing, which is apparent in the higher global ranking of the Canadian passport. Holders of the Canadian passport enjoy remarkable travel freedom without the need to obtain a visa before traveling to 186 countries of the world.

Canadian passport reclaimed the pre-pandemic position after sliding down to ninth rank because of border closures during the pandemic. Effective June 6, Canada allows visa-free access to 66 countries after adding thirteen visa-free nations to the list. In May 2023, Canada enhanced the passport by introducing a new design. The redesigning of the Canadian passport aims to introduce advanced security features.

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