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Canada’s Immigrant Population Registers the Highest Contribution Over the last 150 Years

The findings from the most remarkable update on Canada’s immigrant population since 2017 recognize immigrants as the main contributors to Canada’s demographic factors.

The latest 2021 census results by Statistics Canada provide a comprehensive statistical landscape of the diverse cultural and ethnic population. It is the most extraordinary update on the immigrant population since the 2016 Canadian census.

Canadian Census

The government and Canadian population receive crucial information about housing units and population through the Canadian census. The report covers several factors, like the number of people in a household, ethnicity, languages, income, and education. The data help the Canadian government allocate funds to support various government schemes by knowing the needs of the people.

Statistics Canada conducts surveys, assimilates data, and provides a detailed analysis of the Canadian population every five years. It is a government agency responsible for collecting the data in the mandatory census form from each Canadian household.

The growing share of foreign-born Canadians

The recent Statistics Canada report under the title, Portrait of Immigration to Canada, reveals that the share of foreign-born Canadians in the total population is a whopping 23 percent. It is the largest share of immigrants since the Dominion of Canada came into existence in 1867.

The main attribute of the growing immigrant population is the ambitious immigration targets. Canada will welcome around 432,000 new immigrants this year against the 2016 target of 300,000 new immigrants. The new Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025 will target 450,000 new immigrants in 2024. Canada’s low fertility rates, growth in retirees, and labor shortages are a few reasons for consistently growing immigration targets.

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