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Canada’s Healthcare and Social Assistance Sectors Push Job Vacancies to a Record High

The recent report by Statistics Canada confirms that job vacancies in the healthcare and social assistance sector reached a record figure of 152,000.

The report on payroll employment and job vacancies by Statistics Canada assesses the Canadian workforce referring to the number of employees, their work hours, and earnings. It also aims at monitoring vacant job positions.

According to the August 22 report by Statistics Canada, 958,500 vacant positions were within the Canadian workforce. There is a significant rise in the number of vacant positions compared with the figures on August 21, which stood at 919,200.

The healthcare sector recorded the highest number of job vacancies, reducing emergency services and closing some emergency rooms in hospitals.  

Canada relies heavily on immigration to fill job positions in the healthcare sector, as 36 percent of physicians and 25 percent of registered nurses are immigrants in Canada. The present immigration system causes hassles for foreign-trained healthcare professionals to fill job positions. They face difficulties in obtaining appropriate licenses from Canadian immigration authorities.

There is an urgent need to mitigate the pressure on the Canadian healthcare system by removing a few barriers to enable physicians to fill the vacant positions. Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada is exploring ways to facilitate foreign-born physicians living in Canada on a temporary visa.

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