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Canada’s Farming Sector Faces Labor Shortages Amid Temporary Worker Reductions

Canada’s farming sector is expressing concern over potential labor shortages due to the federal government’s plan to reduce the number of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) available. This reduction could significantly impact Canadian agriculture, which heavily relies on TFWs.

Reports indicate that the decision to limit temporary residents in Canada to five percent of the total population over the next three years is being criticized for unfairly grouping TFWs with international students.

There are two distinct programs managed by different entities. The Immigration Canada program handles international students, while Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) manages the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

New TFW rules announced in March, effective May 1, have adjusted some sectors’ allowable percentage of TFWs. 

Specifically, sectors like wood product manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, accommodation and food services, and food manufacturing can now only have up to 20 percent of their workforce of TFWs brought in through the low-wage stream, a reduction from the previous 30 percent allowed since 2022. 

However, these changes did not explicitly mention agriculture workers.

Despite this, the anticipated reduction of up to 600,000 TFWs over the next three years, aimed at easing the demand on Canada’s limited housing supply, directly affects agricultural workers. 

The Agricultural Stream of the TFWP permits employers to hire temporary foreign workers when no Canadians or permanent residents are available.

Under this program, employers must provide TFWs with adequate, suitable, and affordable housing as defined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. This housing can be either on-farm or off-site, and employers must ensure sufficient housing is available for all TFWs from arrival until departure.

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