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Canada’s 2023 Budget Prioritizes Visitors, Francophone immigration, Citizenship Applicants, and Asylum Seekers

Canada’s budget for the 2023-2024 financial year will benefit immigration by streamlining application processes and enhancing the existing programs.

The 2023 budget sets the target of spending $1.6 billion over six years. Canada will allocate $315 million to support its Immigration Level Plan of welcoming over 500,000 new immigrants by 2025. The budget prioritizes four critical areas: Francophone immigration, visitors, citizenship applications, and asylum seekers.

Supporting Francophone immigration

The 2023 budget emphasizes Francophone immigration by allocating $123.2 million to help Canadian employers hire Francophone foreign workers. The budget also aims to increase support for French-speaking newcomers to settle after arriving in Canada.

Streamlining citizenship applications

Canada proposes to improve Citizenship-testing by introducing changes to the immigration system. These changes will include online citizenship testing and ceremonies.

Facilitating visitor travel 

Tourism boosts Canada’s economy by generating billions of dollars, besides strengthening Canada’s ties with countries. Visitors to Canada require Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or visitor visa depending upon their countries of citizenship. The budget proposes to simplify application processes and visa or eTA requirements to boost tourism.

Funding legal aid to asylum seekers

The 2023 budget proposes $43.5 million to support legal aid services and the immigration of refugees. Smooth access to information, and legal aid, will improve the effectiveness of Canada’s asylum process. Canada is supporting Ukrainian refugees by extending emergency travel authorization until July 15, 2023.

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