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Canada Welcomes Permanent Residents to Join its Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) welcomes permanent residents for a career in uniform by providing them with benefits at par with Canadian citizens and boosting pathways to their citizenship.

Marking the big change to its policy of allowing only Canadian citizens to join the military, Canada is now welcoming permanent residents with special skills to join Canadian Armed Forces. 

Canadian Armed Force comprising the Army, Navy, and Air Force, accepts foreign applicants like infantry officers, logistics officers, and pilots. They can enroll in the Canadian Armed Forces by obtaining permanent residence status.

Permanent residents can leverage facilitated pathways to consider a military career in Canada’s armed forces. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) will process the applications on priority. Permanent residents with an eligible status under the Immigration and Refugee Status can join Canadian Armed Forces if they have:

  • Plans to become a Canadian citizen
  • Ability to satisfy a special need
  • Ability to demonstrate their enrollment will not be detrimental to the national interests.

The Canadian Armed Forces allows permanent residents to explore a career in uniform across over 100 occupations, including marine technicians and radiologists. They will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Paid education – Canadian Armed Forces will support permanent residents by paying for Bachelor’s programs, besides Masters and Ph.D. education. 
  • Guaranteed employment – The candidates will have access to guaranteed employment in a relevant field within the forces. 
  • Annual salary – Candidates will receive $27,600 as yearly salary during education, subject to two months of mandatory service for every month of paid-education. 

Enrolling permanent residents within the Canadian Armed Forces will help Canada attract and retain a diverse workforce willing to serve Canada’s interests.

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