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Canada Welcomes over 20,000 Afghan refugees as part of its commitment to grant refuge to 40,000 Afghans.

In his latest Tweet, Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser expressed happiness about reaching the halfway milestone. He assured Canada will continue working hard to bring more refugees from Afghanistan safely and quickly.

Canada welcomed the 20,000th Afghan refugee in Toronto, arriving on a charter from the UAE on September 22, 2022. The minister had an opportunity to listen to the stories of Afghan refugees living in Canada’s communities. Fraser remarked Canada may lift the current cap of resettling 40,000 Afghan refugees offering refuge to more Afghans.

The current priority is to fulfill the promise of bringing 8,500 Afghans who remain trapped there, according to the Immigration Minister, Ian Fraser. He added Canada will support all Afghan refugees by creating additional immigration pathways.

In a sharp shift from Canada’s earlier stand of sticking to the target of 40,000 refugees, Fraser remarked Canada is willing to do more for the Afghan people.

The Canadian immigration ministry is focusing on 8,500 Canada-bound people in Afghanistan. These people must get into another country to complete formalities like health screening, biometrics, and filling out resettlement applications. The Immigration Minister is exploring alternatives to get these 8,500 people out of Afghanistan.

According to Fraser, the largest Canada-bound groups of Afghans are in Tajikistan and Pakistan. He assured a no-compromise attitude towards the integrity of the process as each individual must complete the process to receive an Invitation to Apply besides other formalities.

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