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Canada Sets a New Four-year Record by Welcoming the Highest Number of Citizens in 2023

Canada admitted 379,448 immigrants as new Canadian citizens in 2023, marking the record-highest citizenship numbers in the four years.  

The new Canadian citizens were from various categories covering adoption, grant, and resumption. Canada welcomed the maximum number of new Canadian citizens in the previous year’s third quarter. The last four years’ details are:

  • 2020- 110,994 new Canadian citizens
  • 2021- 137,164 new Canadian citizens
  • 2022- 375,610 new Canadian citizens
  • 2023- 379,448 new Canadian citizens

Canada welcomed new Canadian citizens across 200 countries. India has the largest share of new Canadian citizens, contributing 21 percent to the total number. Fifty percent contribution to the total number of new citizens in 2023 is from the nationals of the US, China, Philippines, France, Iran, Syria, and Nigeria.

The application processing time for Canadian citizenship is fifteen months for eighty percent of applications, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Living in Canada as a permanent resident for a minimum period of the previous five years qualifies a foreign national to become a Canadian citizen. Canada is home to 33.1 million Canadian citizens, according to the 2021 official census report. Over ten percent of these citizens are foreign nationals.

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