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Canada set to Exceed 2022 Immigration Targets despite a Slowdown in August

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada shared data showing that immigration
retarded In August but continues to stay on track to achieve and surpass 2022 objectives. 

Canada achieved a monthly average of 38,655 by welcoming 309,240 new permanent residents
until the end of August. The month’s average figures justify Canada’s ambitious targets to allow
463,860 new permanent residents this year.
According to the present Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2022-24, Canada aims to
welcome 431,645 permanent residents in 2022 and 447,055 and 451,000 new immigrants in
subsequent years.
Canada is confident of surpassing the current year’s immigration targets easily by a margin of
32,215 new permanent residents. It will put Canada ahead of the next year’s immigration
The growth in immigration during this year till the end of August was 38.9 percent over the last
Immigration- the main driver of Canada’s job market
Several business associations are pitching for faster immigration to fulfill the current labor
shortages in Canada. A vast population of baby boomers is on the verge of retirement, creating
a large void in the job market.
The Canadian government is working on new immigration pathways to speedup the
immigration of skilled workers and international students. IRCC is partnering with industry
stakeholders and academic experts to facilitate the immigration of Temporary Foreign Workers
and undocumented labor.

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