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Canada Plans to Restrict Number of New Temporary Foreign Workers and Students from 2024

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Mr. Marc Miller, revealed the new policy of limiting the number of new TFWs from 2024 and beyond to control the system.

Hon. Minister Mr. Marc Miller emphasized the urgent need to address Canada’s acute housing crisis by controlling the number of foreign students and Temporary Foreign Workers. He observed a rampant growth in the number of study permit and temporary work permit holders, causing a demand-supply gap in Canada’s housing sector.

Statistics Canada (StatsCan) reported a spike in Canada’s population, which grew by 430,000 people in the Third quarter of this year. Canada recorded the highest population growth since 1957 and is now a country of 40.5 million people.

Temporary residents account for the highest contribution to Canada’s population. Mr. Miller highlighted a correlation between the rising population of temporary residents and the housing crisis. Canada will adopt reforms to address the influx of temporary residents from 2024.

Erratic implementation of immigration policies to welcome temporary residents such as foreign workers and students underlines the need to adopt strict measures without targeting specific people. These reforms will aim at mitigating pressure on Canada’s housing sector. The new changes, such as revoking study permits, may impact international student programs. Provinces must act proactively by putting a stop to licensing subpar colleges.

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