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Canada Plans to Address Delays in Application Processing by Realigning Application Intake

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) aims to restore service standards by realigning intake to reduce processing delays and application backlog.

The immigration backlog is reaching record levels. Close to one million applications are beyond the usual service standards, impacting applicants of citizenship, temporary visa, and permanent residence. Canada’s immigration department plans to process 80 percent of the applications within the service standards.

IRCC plans to align application intake as per the availability of the admission process. It will help address longer intake times that may extend to a year for some programs like the Parents and Grandparents program. The Parents and Grandparents program experiences excess demand, far higher than the available admission spaces.

Canada will adopt digital tools for speedy processing of applications from IRCC’s global offices. IRCC is leveraging advanced analytics to prevent built-in bias and automate decisions for routine cases. The automation tools will take over the repetitive and clerical tasks, enabling the immigration staff to focus on urgent and complex issues.

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