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Canada Opens 2023 International Experience Canada Program for Youth from Participating Countries

The application pool for International Experience Canada is open for applicants from 36 eligible countries. Candidates from countries other than the eligible ones may consider applying through a Recognized Organization. 

Canada plans to enhance the intake of candidates through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program by allowing approximately 90,000 candidates to travel and work in Canada. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) anticipates a boost to Canada’s tourism sector by expanding the intake of applicants.

Canada has Youth Mobility Agreements with 36 partner countries. Candidates from these countries within age groups between 18 and 35 are eligible to apply for the International Experience Canada to get an IEC work permit and live in Canada for two years.

The following are three streams of International Experience Canada (IEC).

IEC Working Holiday – The category allows the candidate to work for any Canadian employer across various industrial and service sectors. They can work and travel for up to two years on an open work permit. 

IEC Young Professionals – The stream grants work permits that are employer-specific. It is suitable for applicants planning to work for a specific employer and have a job offer from that employer. 

IEC International Co-op Internship – The student stream of the IEC program covers students pursuing a study program in the participant country. They can complete an internship in Canada by getting a job offer from a Canadian employer.   

 Applicants can leverage the IEC program to get a work permit, enabling them to work for any employer across Canada. It also helps them travel anywhere in Canada to explore the country and gain international exposure.

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