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Canada Issued Record Number of Work Permits in 2022

Canada welcomed the highest-ever number of foreign workers in 2022, setting a new record.

The number of work permits taking effect during the last calendar year was 608,420. The number of work permits was higher by 200,000 compared with 2021. Most work permits were under International Mobility Program and Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Work permits in 2022:

  • International Mobility Program – 472,070 (77%)
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program – 136,350 (23%)

Key highlights of IM and TFWP

International Mobility Program (IMP) and Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) are prominent immigration pathways for foreign workers to live and work in Canada.

TFWP – Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) aims to help Canada meet the labor shortages by attracting foreign workers. TFWP is an employer-specific work permit. The program mandates the employers to get Labor Market Impact Assessment showing that the employment will not impact Canada’s local job seekers.

IMP – International Mobility Program (IMP) is a reciprocal program enabling Canada to implement social, cultural, and economic policies. Hiring temporary foreign workers under the International Mobility Programs helps Canada reciprocate with the participating nations. The IMP immigration pathway grants Open Work Permits to foreign workers, enabling them to work with any employer and at any location.

The following five provinces attracted the highest number of temporary foreign workers in 2022:

  • Ontario – 221,280 TFWs
  • British Columbia – 102,845 TFWs
  • Quebec – 89,765 TFWs
  • Alberta – 43,550 TFWs
  • Manitoba – 19,765 TFWs

Canada boosts immigration to meet labor shortages

Canada made significant policy changes to address its record labor shortages. There is no restriction on work hours for international students who want to work off-campus. Spouses of some skilled workers can now get open work permits. There is an increase in the intake for International Experience Canada (IEC) program to manage record labor shortages.  

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