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Canada Extends Work Permit Eligibility to Family Members of Temporary Workers

The move to allow family work permits will benefit temporary workers and employers.

Canada is battling a record labor shortage because of its faster economic recovery and aging population. Several sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare, are finding it hard to fill positions because of labor shortages.

In the past, the facility of a work permit was available only for the spouse of a principal occupant having a high-skilled job. The new announcement to enable a family of temporary work permit holders to become eligible for working in Canada provides several benefits. It supports the smooth integration of workers and their families into the community and work culture. Job opportunities for the family will improve the financial stability, health, and quality of life of immigrant families.

The phase-wise approach 

The extension of work permit eligibility to temporary workers’ spouses and working-age children will come into force from January 2023. It will be a temporary measure for two years to deal with acute labor shortages.

Implementation of the new policy will comprise the following three phases:

  • The first phase  Immigrants coming to Canada through the International Mobility Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program’s high-wage stream, can apply for an open work permit.
  • The second phase – Expanding the measure to the low-wage stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by qualifying their family members to get work permits through consultations.
  • The third phase – Expanding the measure to agricultural workers’ families through consultations with stakeholders.

The new measure will help 200,000 foreign workers as their family members be eligible for work permits.

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