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Canada Encourages Immigration for its Economic and Labor Force Development

Canada is attracting more new immigrants to address its demographic, economic, and labor market concerns.

Canada’s immigrant population contributes the maximum to the nation’s overall development. It represents 23 percent of the total population and will reach 30 percent by 2041. Canada has the highest immigrant population among G7 countries, reflecting the immigrant-friendly policies of the government and the availability of world-class education and career growth prospects.

The latest policies and a broad spectrum of immigration pathways confirm Canada’s emphasis on immigration. Canada is projecting a record 500,000 new immigrants in 2025 by gradually increasing the number of immigrants annually, according to the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025.

The population of people aged above 65 escalates

The five-year period between 2016 and 2021 showed the highest increase in Canada’s aging population. The Canadian population is aging rapidly, as over 7 million people in Canada are above 65. It accounts for 19 percent of the total population. The rise in the aging population is resulting in more retirees in Canada.

Low birth rates

The working-age population in Canada is reducing because of low birth rates, besides a large population representing people over the age of 65. Canada’s fertility rates are dropping fast. The year 2020 had the lowest recorded birth rate of 1.4 children per woman.

Immigration is the solution for Canada’s demographic issues 

Canada can address its demographic concerns by encouraging immigration. New immigrants are also crucial to boost Canada’s labor market gaps. They support the nation’s economy by getting employment and paying taxes to fuel its economic progress.  

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