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Canada Considers Measures to Reduce Temporary Resident Population

According to the new targets, Canada will bring down the population of temporary residents in Canada, reducing it by 1.2% over the next three years.

The number of temporary residents will decrease in the future as Canada revised the targets to bring down the existing 6.2 percent population to 5 percent. The move will impact up to 475,000 temporary resident permits, as per current estimates.

Aspiring international students will bear the maximum brunt because they contribute up to 42 percent to the total number of temporary resident permits. The estimated cap on study permits will be 30 percent of the total reduction of new temporary resident permits.

Canada’s requirement for temporary workers is on a gradual decrease because of the growth in the unemployment rate. Canada expects employers to accommodate under-represented groups and asylum seekers. Employers must fill up open positions to consider workers with valid work permits from these groups before LMIA applications.

The federal government caps the number of temporary foreign workers at 20 percent of the workforce with Canadian employers in most industry verticals.

There are around 2.5 million temporary residents in Canada presently. Canada aims to optimize the volume of temporary residents since it hovers at 6.2 percent of the total population.

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