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Canada Boosts Immigration Through Higher Investment in Settlement Services

Newcomers to Canada can seek free settlement services before their arrival.

The Canadian government is investing $65 million in settlement services to facilitate newcomers to Canada. The investment will help newcomers like racialized women besides Francophone minority communities requiring language training.

Federal services for newcomer women

The federal government of Canada provides the following programs to help newcomer women:

  • Women at Risk (WAR) – The program enables women and their dependents to receive aid for urgent protection because of their vulnerabilities. 
  • Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) – The program aims to boost the employability and career advancement of newcomer women. It helps them get employment for speedy settlement. 

Canadian newcomer women can access settlement services across all Canadian provinces and territories.

Settlement services boost the economy

Pre-arrival settlement services are crucial for the successful immigration of newcomers. Besides enabling newcomers to integrate faster into communities, settlement services help new immigrants settle in Canada without hassles.

The pre-arrival services by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada help newcomers connect to essential services and information. Streamlining immigration services with a user-friendly portal facilitates newcomers to Canada’s settlement services. New immigrants can apply for acknowledgment of their foreign credentials prior to their arrival in Canada. The pre-arrival services connect new immigrants to settlement services in Canadian provinces.

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