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Canada Addresses the Scarcity of Doctors by Facilitating Physicians with Easier Access to Permanent Residence

The Canadian government appreciates the role of doctors coming to Canada from different parts of the world in supporting the health of its people. These doctors enable easy access to healthcare within communities, besides offering crucial medical support to Canada’s aging population.

Canadian Immigration minister Hon. Sean Fraser shared that changes in the immigration system are to support foreign-born doctors to make Canada their home. He remarked Canada wants these doctors to boost Canada’s healthcare system by practicing and remaining in Canada. The minister was with family physicians and Citizens for a Healthy Pictou County at Aberdeen Hospital.  

The government of Canada is designing a smooth immigration process for foreign-born doctors to become permanent residents to fulfill the demands of provinces and territories to meet shortages.

The Express Entry system manages Canada’s flagship immigration programs for skilled workers. The Fee-for-Service model in Canada for healthcare workers is outside the domain of the traditional employer-employee relationship. It is worth noting physicians who are presently considered self-employed face roadblocks in becoming permanent residents through economic pathways as they become ineligible to meet the criteria.

The Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Hon. Ian Fraser declared the IRCC will exempt doctors working with public health authorities in a Fee-for-Service model from the eligibility requirements to meet this challenge.

By recognizing the exclusive employment model of Fee-for-Service, IRCC is allowing physicians to access Canada’s economic immigration pathways. The change supports physicians working in the health care sector, providing essential services to become Canadian permanent residents.

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