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British Columbia Modifies Point Allocations for BC PNP Applicants

British Columbia announced NOC changes and modifications to point allocations on Nov 16, 2022, stressing Human Capital factors. 

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program follows a points system, similar to the Express Entry, to determine the eligibility of PNP applicants.

The applicants for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs should note these changes:

  • Removal of points for the NOC (National Occupation Class) skill levels following the shift to the new TEER Classification
  • Increase in points to the economic and human capital factors  
  • Extra points for English and French language proficiency 
  • More points for applicants who study or work in areas outside the Vancouver metro

The following is the new points allocation for Human Capital factors:

  • Highest education level- Maximum of 40 points
  • Relevant work experience- Maximum of 40 points
  • English and French language proficiency- Maximum of 40 points

Note the new points allocation for economic factors:

  • British Columbia job offer’s hourly wage- Maximum of 55 points
  • Study or work within British Columbia- Maximum of 25 points

The removal of NOC skill level points is the most noteworthy change. A total of 60 points for the NOC skill level will shift to Human Capital and economic factors. The modification to BC PNP points allocation assigns more points than earlier to all criteria under the economic and human capital factors.

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