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BREAKING: Canada Limits International Student Admissions in 2024 to Address the Housing Crisis

On January 22, 2024, Marc Miller, Canadian Immigration Minister, declared a cap on study permit approvals in 2024.

Canada will approve 364,000 study permits in 2024. The student admissions this year will be 35 percent less than the previous year. The international student intake cap will be in place for two years to control the growth in the number of temporary residents in Canada. The new measure to limit international student admissions follows the recent revision of cost-of-living criteria.

Restriction on the number of student visa approvals will not impact students in Canada planning to extend their studies and existing study permit holders. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to balance new study visa approvals with the number of expiring study permits. The number of new study permits will equal those expiring in the current year.

Canada is experiencing the highest population growth since 1950 as the country’s population grew by 3.2 percent, adding 1.25 million people to the existing population. The number of new temporary residents contributed the most to the steep rise in Canada’s population. It includes new temporary workers and international students arriving in Canada.

The cap on the number of study visa approvals will vary according to the province. Some Canadian provinces will witness a sharp decrease in international student admissions while others will approve more student visas, as the cap will consider the provincial population.

 For example, Ontario will mark a fifty percent reduction in study permit approvals IN 2024. Nova Scotia and British Columbia will witness a significant cut in the number of new international student arrivals.

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