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A New Research Highlights a Decline in New Immigrants Seeking Canadian Citizenships

Statistics Canada undertook research to determine the citizenship trends among new permanent residents, and the results are not encouraging.

The popularity of Canada as the favorite destination among immigrants is declining if one has to believe the latest StatsCan report. It shows a 30 percent drop in the citizenship rates. The study focused on the new immigrants living in Canada between five and fifteen years.

These are region-wise rates of decline in citizenship rates:

  • East Asia- 58 percent
  • Southeast Asia- 40.7 percent
  • West Asia- 29.3 percent
  • Eastern Europe- 28.9 percent
  • Central America- 28.2 percent

The citizenship rates among these immigrants show a drop of 30 percent. The citizenship rate was 75.4 percent among new immigrants in 1996. The percentage of new immigrants seeking citizenship was 45.7 percent in 2021, showing a 30 percent fall. According to the StatsCan research, the drop in citizenship rate was the highest between 2016 and 2021.

Stricter citizenship tests, an increase in application fees, and harsher language proficiency criteria are a few reasons for the drop in citizenship rates among new immigrants from these regions. The 40 percent drop in citizenship rate between 2016 and 2021 may be because of the pandemic. A few external factors resulted in a noticeable drop in citizenship rates among new immigrants from East and Southeast Asia.

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