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5 Most Desirable Canadian Provinces that Facilitate Easy Immigration

Canada is among the most desirable destinations across the globe for aspiring immigrants who wish to study, start a business, get a job, and settle permanently. Canada’s vibrant culture and booming economy attract immigrants from all over the globe who dream of making Canada their home. 

There are over a hundred unique immigration pathways, including federal immigration programs and Provincial Nominee Programs. Choosing an appropriate province is crucial if you are searching for a provincial immigration option to seek Canadian permanent residency. Keep reading to know the four top Canadian provinces, enabling a smooth journey to reach your goal of permanent residence.


Sharing its borders with the US, Ontario is home to Canada’s capital city Toronto, the nation’s top financial hub. The province of Ontario is the most popular immigration destination, besides being a major international tourist attraction because of Niagara Falls. Ontario enables aspiring immigrants to seek permanent residency through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. 

Skilled workers and international students benefit from Ontario’s Human Capital stream. Immigrating to Ontario is easier if you have a job offer from an Ontario employer. Ontario ranks among the world’s most liveable countries consistently. You can explore countless employment and business opportunities in Ontario.

British Columbia

Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is among the most sought-after Canadian provinces among newcomers. British Columbia encourages eligible immigrants to study, work, and live as permanent residents through several Provincial Nomination Programs. The province of British Columbia leverages immigration to boost its economic growth and meet labor force shortages. 

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) provides many immigration streams to help skilled workers and entrepreneurs become permanent residents. Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration are the two main pathways to immigrate to British Columbia by getting provincial nominations. International graduates and semi-skilled workers can also benefit from relevant streams of BC PNP.


Quebec boasts of being Canada’s largest province, besides being home to its second-largest city, Montreal. The province has a distinctly French flavor and fascinating landscapes. Quebec holds the top position among the most attractive destinations in Canada for aspiring immigrants. Having French language proficiency is an added advantage if you plan to move to Quebec as a permanent resident. Quebec enjoys significant autonomy in developing its unique immigration policies.

 Quebec operates separate immigration programs to select candidates for permanent residency. Getting a Quebec Selection Certificate after applying to Quebec’s immigration program ensures smooth immigration to the province. Quebec operates the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Quebec Experience Program, and Quebec Investor Program to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers and investors.

Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia gets higher ratings than other Canadian provinces on parameters like affordable living, safety, and quality of accommodation. Over 42 percent of new immigrants to Nova Scotia choose the province because of excellent employment opportunities and quality of life. The province boasts higher retention rates for new immigrants than most Canadian provinces. 

The maritime province provides easy access to scenic coastlines. Nova Scotia has several job opportunities for newcomers because of its low population density. Prospective immigrants can leverage the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program comprising eight different streams to choose from.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick promises affordable living besides easy access to healthcare and education infrastructure. The welcoming communities of New Brunswick facilitate newcomers to settle with no hassles. Employers in New Brunswick enable employees to strike an excellent work-life balance as the province values relaxation and family life. 

New Brunswick attracts new immigrants by providing easy immigration options under the provincial nominee programs. There are periodic overseas events to educate aspiring immigrants on New Brunswick immigration programs. New Brunswick is also a part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program to welcome new immigrants with job offers from a designated employer in the Atlantic region.

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